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I developed this website with a motto of gaining knowledge and spreading knowledge! The depth to which human mind can think is clearly depicted in some of the branding & marketing strategies and I love bring these strategy to you.

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Got an opportunity to study at one of the most prestigious institutions of India: Schooling @DehraDun; Grad @Delhi Uni; Post Grad @Pune  Uni.

digital marketer


Childhood character of mingling up and go for shopping to pick the product with best packaging, led me on the path of marketing and branding. Today, I am aspiring digital marketer – Trying to learn it to the core. 


Born in beautiful valley of India located in  Himalayas – DehraDun. “The Youngest sibling is usually the most good looking and smartest” – Oh yea! That true. Zany Face

My Latest Hobbies

Every one should have three hobbies: One to make you money, One to keep you healthy and One to keep your creative!

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