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4 Marketing techniques which every marketer should know

From the ancient time till now, trade has dominated our society. Everything revolves around it. However, mode and techniques of trading have evolved over time. In the modern world, trading starts and ends with marketing. Marketing is not about disposing of your products but it is about influencing your prospective customers to build strong relationships with you. As said by Seth Godin – “People do not buy goods and services, they buy relations, stories and magic”

With steady innovation in all the fields, marketing techniques are also catching with pace. With the change in customers’ mindset, many entrepreneurs have started using innovative marketing style to create recognition for their products.

Today I am sharing a few emerging marketing types which every businessman, no matter large or small, should try their hands on.

  1. Guerrilla marketing – It is one of the emerging marketing technique for start-ups to build brand awareness as it requires a low budget with a high reach. Guerrilla marketing campaigns leave a long-lasting effect on the targeted audiences as it generally leaves people to shock and includes high involvement. Kit-kat guerrilla park bench campaign set a good example.
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  3. Content marketing – Content marketing is not “storytelling” but “telling your story” in such a manner that it builds an emotional relationship with the targeted group. Strong content always reduces the gap between what brands produce and what their audiences actually desire for.
  4. Influencer marketing – Influencer marketing is one of the best technique to use word of mouth publicity in a positive and controlled manner. It is a technique in which people who dominate social media platforms are asked to spread positive words for the product. These influencers act as a local brand ambassador for the company.
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  6. Flanking marketing – If you struggling hard to survive in this competitive world, this the best technique for your business. Flanking marketing is all about taking advantage of your rivals’ weakness. For learning flanking marketing technique please study Volkswagen small car concept by launching beetle with “Think small campaign”volkswagen_think_small-236x300


I am sure till now you must have got an idea which marketing technique will boost your sales. So, what are you are waiting for? Start working on it and let me know which technique suits your business in the comment section.

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