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Is WordPress Secure?

There are 30% of content websites are built on WordPress. Any new entrant prefers WordPress due to its ease and features available for building the website but what about the security? Is WordPress secure? Let’s know more about WordPress.

WordPress, the world-famous content management system! There is hardly anyone who is in the Digital marketing industry and don’t know about WordPress. From new entrants to the veteran, everybody’s first choice is the WordPress platform for designing their website.

According to the research, the infographic of a hacked website is making J curve. It is increasing in the multifold year after year. Hacked WordPress website contributes significantly to this J curve.  So, does it mean that people are a victim of sheep factor and there is a default in WordPress as a software?

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The answer to the above question is “NO”. WordPress is one of the best open-source software, publicly available for building the website with few clicks and a basic understanding of website designing. No coding! No technical intrusion!

Now, you must be in doubt with the stats revealed. Readers, stats are also correct. WP, itself have claimed that Google has blacklisted around 10,000+ website for malware and 50,000 websites for phishing every week.

The issue is with malpractices adopted while building up the website and not with WordPress Core. Today, we are listing 7 reasons why WordPress website gets hacked. Have a look:

Poor Hosting

All hosting company is not efficient enough to protect and secure their servers. when you host your WordPress websites on these vulnerable servers, you become more acquainted with getting hacked. Therefore, one should never compromise on their hosting server.

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Shady Plugin

To save a few bucks, we opt for the cheaper or free plugin and these shady plugins turn out to be very costly. Hackers can easily grab your site information through these shady plugins and get hold of you.

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Insecure user name and password

A website like teamsid.com allows hackers to automatically find passwords for the websites which are using generic username. These tools perform automatic matching and make hackers’ jobs easy.

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SQL injection

In the SQL injection, the attacker may find the vulnerable spot and can use that further to inject code to bypass the security system and hack the website. This hacking technique works in most of the cases and rarely fails to lead to severe consequences.

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Not updating plugins and themes

Not updating the theme or plugins is another opportunity website owner gives to hackers. There should be an immediate update of the theme & plugins that you are using and should remove all the inactive themes. All plugins which you have deactivated should be deleted from your dashboard.

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Cross-site script

The cross-site script is the type of hacking in which malicious javascript is injected and an HTTP request is initiated from the victim’s browser. This is also known as the XSS attack. This helps the hacker to bypass access control thus makes his task easier.

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DDOS Attack

Distributed Denial Of Service Attack. In this cyber attack, a hacker sends excessive traffic to your website to overload the system. In this attach, traffic is sent through multiple resources and thus it is difficult to identify the source of this attack, making it difficult to come out of it.

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Now that you know the reason for hacking, you should stay pro-active and protect your website from hackers. These are extremely simple practices which will help the website owner to protect themselves from the nightmare of hacking.

The core WordPress software is very secure but the themes, plugging, hosting, etc is something from which threat starts. However, without these external software supports(plugins, themes, etc)  the core WordPress is of no use. Therefore, the knight has to come on the battleground and fight with the enemy using his best weapons. Comment in the section below if you agree with us!

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