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Built Brand Equity During Covid19 Lockdown

Successful people have the ability to grab the opportunity to build their brand equity from each event and don’t consider any moment as the setback. Have you seen big brands stopped advertising in this pandemic? You will still find marketing notes flooding your mailbox every morning.

Even in this downtime, they are on their knees. Some are acting with all their stakes in and some are planning to act as soon as the dust settles. If you own any business or want to build one, it’s the best time to get noticed! With all people at home, more opportunity is awaited for brands in the digital marketing world.

People are spending more time on social media, phones and other virtual platforms than ever. This is the perfect time to make that big leap you’ve always wished for. When people are pausing their marketing spent and saving the dollar for the future, it is the best time to come in front and register your brand name in the customer’s mind.

In this blog, we have featured some “tried and 100% working” marketing formulas that will help you take the leap and increase your brand equity. The brand equity which will help you to monetize once the situation normalizes.

Are you ready? Here we go.

Social Media Marketing:

Let’s start with a success story. It’s about the world’s largest travel accommodator – Airbnb. When it started back in 2008, it targeted social media campaigns to gain momentum. They always tickle the funny bones and bring back readers to their service page.

But their short online commercial ads use creativity to target the right audience. For example, here is an Instagram post from Airbnb. Can you read between the lines and guess its target audience?

 Their Instagram stories hit 13.3 million interactions as they became social media superstars in 2015.

Achieving success does not require a huge chunk of dollars but great determination. Brands or individuals have to plan & strategize the calendar and leverage the viral moment at the correct time. You can use various tools like Buffer & Hubspot which automate the posting and provide easy task distribution among the team members.

Smart Marketer is the one who brings his brand on the platform where his target audiences’ eyes are rolling on. So, now is the time to take the step and leverage such platforms.

You can use your creativity to align humor or any other topic of interest to  people and increase your brand equity

Email Marketing   

Email marketing is the life and blood of any eCommerce business but if applied wrongly, will neither give you profit nor will build brand equity. Companies like Overstock, draw their majority of sales through email marketing only.

It doesn’t mean having a big list of recipients is a success. You should scrub your list to have potentially interested buyers to increase deliverability and clicks rates for aiding towards an increased sale.

Make sure your email has:

  • Attention-grabbing content
  • Less loading time to avoid bounce rates
  • Accurate customer segmentation to win the desired ROI
  • People are less likely to open marketing emails stacking at the bottom. So following a time-based email marketing strategy to gain immediate attention (like sending the first email within an hour to new subscribers)

Plan your campaigns for special holidays in advance to experience 25-30% more sales like big sellers.

Content marketing

In this century, content marketing is the cheapest & easiest way to build brand equity. It’s not just writing blogs. Rather it covers from memes to videos to gifts and all other ways in which you consume information.

Whatever you’re thinking to compile to build brand equity, chances are someone has already written it. So what’s the catch? Write something new or may present the information in a twisted way such that your targeted audience finds it engaging.

How to do that?

  • Take the help of keyword tools like Ubersuggest and Buzzsumo to find trending topics for maximum shares and backlinks.
  • Understand your targeted audience and frame the content with the latest information in which they are interested. For eg – clothing brands targeting youth makes funky and energetic content compared to moms’ brands focusing on suggestive content.
  •  It is extremely important to Humanize your brand. One should frequently come to the public and speak on viral topics.
  • Try to leverage user-generated content through various contests, feedback, and constant interaction. The UGC (user-generated content ) is the best & most reliable content for your set of brands and immensely helps in increasing brand equity.

One the best brand which is built out of content marketing is They target millennials and keep them engaged through meme marketing which helped them to build 1Million followers.

PPC Automation

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) fetches potential buyers faster with captivating call to action campaigns.

As organic search engines changing algorithms frequently, your SEO campaign can get outranked but not PPC. It gives you results faster than inbound marketing and gives you quality results.  

You may think Google as your only ideal option but Bing (as big as Google), Facebook (biggest giant in the industry now), LinkedIn (more of a professional network) Tick Tock, Snapchat, and Pinterest is  also a promising platforms.

PPC has different forms and can be altered according to your business goals. Though seems easy, each platform requires expertise and money to run campaigns for the long term. Startups are advised to get their work done from the freelancers at minimal price from platforms like Fiverr & Upwork

Funnel marketing 

Funnel marketing is a customer journey in which a prospective customer meets your brand at various touch points before you close them. However, instead of copying anyone’s strategy, it’s better to frame potential touch points to convert visitors into customers.

 Test some of the curated funnel strategies altered as per your business needs. Touchpoints can be in the form of webinars, calendar worksheets, newsletters, ebook or blogs. Also, the funnel can be different for different platforms. We have shown you Facebook funnel which is applicable to all business types.

Do keep in mind that the customer journey does not end after the purchase. It extends long after that as loyal customers are the most prospective future buyers. 

Therefore, extend your funnel after the first sale also and stay in touch with those audiences to convert them to your micro-brand ambassador. 

When people buy more, the lifetime value of your customers’ increases. Making it feasible for you to leverage paid advertising on Facebook, YouTube or Google.  Eventually, you have a good shot at generating ROI.

Viral marketing

It’s all about creating content that will travel faster like a virus. It can be a video, audio or written message. First, it should be worthy of being shared and second, it should meet its purpose. According to research by Aristotle in 350 B.C, content goes viral when it has any of the following appeals- ethical, emotional or logical. Amongst these, content that evokes emotions is more likely to go viral.

When you do something unexpected and make it doable, people go gaga about it. Who hasn’t seen Gangnam Style?

It’s a perfect example of Viral Video Marketing. What did he do differently than others?

  • He did some unexpected dance moves
  • Made it doable
  • Watching the content made people feel good (Also called Social Currency)

Getting content viral is much more difficult than it looks. It requires adequate strategy, engaging content, selection of right targeted audience, and ideal social platforms to boost advertisements and influencers.  

You can too take the help of viral marketing tools like LinkTrackr, Tumblr, TrendSpottr, to create contagious topics to fetch you good traffic in less time. You can also follow cheatsheet tools shared by SEO giant Neil Patel to get faster results.

Influencer marketing

Analysts predicted that Influencer and social media marketing are going to be inseparable in the future.

When people need to buy something, they turn to influencers. Even unknowingly we all do the same (Checking reviews before purchase).

Influencers differ from people to people. Some trust industry experts, whereas some follow celebrities, and athletes.

Any Kim Kardashian Fan here?

Surprisingly, some people tend to follow personalities with genuine skills for inspiration..

So, how to search for the right influencer? You can search manually or take help of tools like to search quality influencers for brand collaborations.

Few things to remember-

  • Influencer marketing always does focus on branding instead of sale
  • It’s always better to  incentives to introduce promotional codes to influence followers
  • Search for an influencer who is akin to your brand USP
  • Always sign up the influencer for a series of posts as a single post may get lost in the crowd. Hence, to look genuine and increase brand recall value target promoting 2-3 posts by every influencer
  • Number of followers and engagement rate are the key parameters for selection

Until Covid19 curve gets flattened, we have a lot of time to learn new skills. Let’s utilize this bonus time to its full potential and bring big changes to our business. If you think we have left something important, feel free to suggest in the comment section below. We would appreciate your involvement to make this blog useful for all.

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