Le Panga Campaign

#LePanga Campaign

Familiarity with the word “PANGA” among the masses in India knowing Hindi is undoubted.  PANGA, a word that means rogue street fight and rushes a fresh slot of thrilling hormones into your blood.

The campaign that we are going to be talked about here is attached to a brand that may ignite your passions to a different level. Any guess?  Yes, we are talking about “Pro Kabaddi League”.  League which has become the beat of many hearts and major credit goes to its marketing strategy.

Picture1India, where cricket is equivalent to religion, Kabaddi managed to capture the second position in terms of viewership. I am going to share in this article about how this campaign helped Kabaddi to rise like a phoenix in the world of sports.

“Pro Kabaddi League” which was the initiative of Mashal Sports and Star India in 2014 launched with #JeetegaWahi campaign conceptualized by Ogilvy & Mather. It refreshed the image of the game giving it a cool and relevant AVTAR. It was a great challenge to star sports as they have to gain popularity for Kabaddi in the cricket frenzy nation. However, season 1 proved to be a great success and managed to create recall value of the brand PKL with 2.3 billion-plus impressions on social media.

In 2015, when cricket worshipping nation was waiting for next “Mauka Mauka” campaign, star sports surprised its audience by launching #LePanga campaign featuring Salman Khan on the day of ICC world cup semi-final match between India and Australia. This was the most appreciated marketing strategy. Channel maintain world cup momentum and build the audience for PKL. On the day of the #LePanga launch, Anand Mahindra, member of National Sports Development Fund, played with the hashtag and tweeted “Mein to bilkul Panga lene wala hoon.”


This campaign comprised of 3 TVC which was the perfect blend of humor and passion packed in Bollywood style. Within a day, TVC went viral on digital media. Along with TVC, a campaign was also backed by #LePanga anthem sung by Amitabh Bachchan which was released in Hindi. Viewership grew by 15 times compared to season 1 after the launch of this campaign.

#LePanga campaign inspired people to overcome the hurdles and take PANGA to gain success in life. Campaign depicts real-life emotions in most of the TVCs merged with humor.

Season 2 and 3 were played within the gap of 6 months to create greater buzz for the game. Extended #LePanga series for season 3 was filmed to introduce kabaddi players for garnering huge Fan Following. Twitter announced that #LePanga saw 254% growth compare to last year.


Season 4 was launched with the whole new approach with a market campaign by the name of “Don’t watch fake, #AsliPangaDekh. The campaign was comprised of 3 TVC highlighting agitation and showcasing intense scenario akin to Kabaddi.


Even though #AsliPangaDekh campaign did well, the committee decided to switch back to #LePanga Campaign for season 5. Even their website promoted the dates through #LePanga – “Le Panga with us as the action begins 28th July 2017”. In 2017 Ads narrate that “there is no time for rest, no room for errors and there is no easy way out because this time, there are 12 teams – a bigger season and countless challenges”. Yes, you rightly interpreted. Strategy maker adopted #LePanga to throw lights on 4 new teams of PKL.

#LePanga campaign, addressing commoners and featuring 3 great Bollywood actors (Amitabh Bachchan, Amir Khan, Salman Khan) on the one platform is such a perfect campaign that both veterans and beginners can take away great marketing learnings from it.

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